Do you want more in your life?

Are you asking yourself what’s next or is this it?

You can create and live the life of your dreams!

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The secret to being able to live the life of your dreams is to cultivate the perspective of YOU being the CREATOR of your life. More on being the creator in another blog, but for now, what I mean by being “the creator” is on the most-part knowing you impact your reality, seeing the opportunities around you even in the challenges, and maintaining an open mind to possibilities.

Even as you evolve into being the creator, sometimes life happens and we hit challenging days, something upsetting happens, or we don’t have the outcome to an effort that we had hoped for. Or we could be hitting up against the discomfort of stepping into new territory. Frustration, disappointment, discouragement, and sometimes even confusion take hold.

How does one maintain that positive outlook even through the challenges?

I’ve found that a foundational key to maintaining the creator mindset is feeling gratitude through the practice of GRATITUDE.

Check in with yourself right now. Is there something that has you feeling a little less than positive, hopeful, or resourceful?

Notice that feeling.

Now make a list of 5 things that you are grateful for and really connect with them and how they make you feel.

Reflect back on your initial feeling. What has shifted for you?

With practice, these shifts can amplify and grow to help build resilience, optimism, positivity, confidence and the sense of possibility.

The bottom line is gratitude feels good and with practice can make us happy people. Now, we are only scratching the surface here. Gratitude is much much more than just a “feel-good” attitude. So much so that multitudes of studies, webpages, and books are being produced on this very topic.

As the benefits are many, it cannot only improve our emotional well-being, it can shift our attitudes towards ourselves and others as we are apt to hold less judgment and envy, to be more relaxed and to contextualize our growth and learning experiences. And as everything can impact all aspects of our lives, gratitude can improve our health, sleep, and longevity as well as improve our ability to connect with others, have healthier relationships and have more meaningful friendships. And as the creator, let’s not forget to mention increased creativity, productivity, and effective decision-making to boot.

What are the ways to develop our sense of Gratitude?

Aside from the little exercise above, the easiest and simplest way to develop your gratitude muscle is to start a daily 5-minute practice of keeping a gratitude journal.

Now, many clients get nervous when I mention “journaling,” This is actually not as hard or daunting as it sounds. Simply make a list of 10 things a day for which you can feel a sense of gratitude that day. I like to do mine in the morning. No matter what is true for you that day, it’s all good! There really are no rules about feeling gratitude. You can express gratitude for a feeling, a person, a thing, a place, a situation…. big or small, momentary or lifelong…

We’ve covered a lot of the benefits of practicing gratitude and cultivating gratitude on a regular basis. This gratitude practice is focused on the inner experience of gratitude and how it makes you feel. Stay tuned for my next blog post on expressing gratitude and how it can not only amp up your sense of feeling gratitude but also have a powerful impact on that around you.

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