Whether you are performing a goal setting tune up, check up or start up, you’re exactly where you are supposed to be!


goal setting check up

Every year there is a lot of talk about resolutions. And you’ve heard the clichés –  a month or so later, an overwhelming majority of people lose sight or give up on those resolutions.

How is this hitting YOU?

Before we get into the Tune-Up and Start Up of your goals, the first place to start is always YOU and these three foundations:

Take Ownership

First, you and only you can take 100% responsibility for you, your thoughts, how you manage your feelings and your actions. This is a cornerstone to you claiming yourself as the creator of your life.


Second, and just as important, you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now, and now, and now…whether you missed the mark before or are in the process of ongoing clarification, wherever you are right now the act of conscious goal setting will help propel you forward, no matter whether it is January 1, the beginning of a new 90-day plan or any particular day of the year. You are always in perfect time. The time is now to set goals that will work for you.

Know Yourself

The success rate of your goals is directly in line with how aligned they are with your values, what truly matters to YOU. What are your values?

For clues, ask yourself “What qualities show up in my choices of how I spend my time, money and energy?” “What makes me feel most happy, fulfilled and proud?”

If you stop short of these foundations, no latest hot-off-the-press-promise-to-have-the-answer-journal will pan out to support you achieving your vision.

 Goal Setting Check-Up, Tune-Up, Start-Up

Once you have your foundation, make sure to keep these points in mind as you review, refine or develop your goals:

The “SMARTness” of Goals

Acronyms aside, the best goals are aligned with your values and your vision, and are specific, easily stated and measured. Does your goal excite you? Is it clear what you are looking to accomplish with your goal? Will you know when you are complete?

Keep the “Shoulds” in check

Check in with yourself. Is your vision or set of goals tainted with a feeling of “should” or or “have to”? If it is, you are setting goals that are laced with obligation or external pressure NOT based on your values. Instead, tune into what would have you feel pulled forward. When visioning your future, try on the prompts of “I get to”, ‘I want to” and stay present to the quality of the experience or feeling you will have when you succeed.


Accomplishing goals in a vacuum can be challenging. Studies show that you increase your chances of success by writing your goals down, reviewing them regularly and even more so being witnessed in declaring your goals.  If you have a trusted friend or coach, community, and/or accountability partner, share your goals and create external support. Once you put it out there, it will be more likely that you stay committed on your goal.

Break it Down

Once you set goals, identify manageable steps that you can address one by one. Big goals are great as long as they are grounded in inspiration. Even still, they can be overwhelming unless you can break it down into smaller milestone chunks.

Resistance and Resets

Notice any resistance as you step into working on your goals. If you keep hitting up against blocks, check in with the points above and make adjustments as necessary. What do you need in order to take the first step towards this goal? What is in the way? What is the smallest first step you can commit to towards this goal? Reset yourself in your foundation and commit to that first step!

Remember, you are taking on something that may be taking you into new territory. Sometimes we stumble and have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, get our balance back and advance again. Know yourself, what do you need to do to reset? Again, know you are exactly where you are supposed to be and the YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS!


It’s important to celebrate your progress along the way. Get in the habit of staying present with your goals and celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Depending on your goals, daily, weekly or monthly celebrations can help you stay motivated and inspired to keep moving forward!

Still not sure how to get started or keep getting stuck? I’d love to help! Set up a complimentary Visioning call with me to talk about your goals and how to achieve them.

Keep Dreaming, Keep Weaving!
You can create the life and work of your dreams!

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