Create the Work and Life of Your D.R.E.A.M.s Process

This process takes you through five steps to gain clarity and awareness about who you are as the dream weaver and creator of your life, to help you remember your big plans or dreams that you may have forgotten or are about to give up on. It will help you learn from and get through what might be blocking you and then develop a realistic and sustainable path to what you want to create or weave into reality.

D. Awaken to Your Dream
R. Release the Blocks
E. Evolve Your Perspective as the Creator and Leader of Your Life
A. Get into Aligned Action
M. Master Your Ability to Make it Happen!

All built on the Dream Weaver’s Four C’s to Living Your Dream

It’s Not to Late

Wake up!

If you are like most of us, you’ve taken some of your most precious dreams and compressed them deep within you. Now is the time to bring them out and breathe life back into them. When you are in touch with these dreams, you may encounter passion, joy and sweetness.

You may also encounter deep regret, sense of loss and even grief for what you’ve missed. Or, if you are in touch with your dream and it seems hard to make happen, you may also encounter judgment and doubt, or feel like it is a struggle or too hard to sustain your commitment.

You so want this and yet you secretly may be considering giving up. Through our work, you will gain tools and insight to integrate these feelings and you will then feel a sense of lightness, freedom and hope.

I want you to know it’s not too late to live your dream!


Be The Creator of Your Life

This is about no longer being a victim of your circumstances. You must claim yourself as the creator of your life. Together we will identify and clear out what has stopped you from living your dream. We will dive into your challenging experiences to claim the gifts and power concealed within them.

Now is the time to own your full story and what makes you unique. With this newfound energy, you will cultivate your dream. You will feel it, see it, and envision it in its fullness. You will start to weave it into reality.


Maximize Your Impact

As you awaken to the clarity of what you are here to do, you will deepen your relationship with your inner guidance and wisest part of yourself. Here is where you surrender your fear and lack of confidence, and move boldly onto your path.

Together we will strengthen your connection with your gifts, own the impact you want to have and create a step-by-step plan to build your vision. Now you must engage the world as a leader with your voice, your actions and the ways you show up. The more you amplify your purpose the more you will create the impact you want to see in your world. 


Live Your Dream, Weave Your Reality

Appreciate the arrival of your dream and who you have become. Through this journey you will live life with a true sense of fulfillment, peace and joy.  Now is the time to know how to sustain your dream.

We will develop tools and practices to keep you on track with everyday living and we will establish support and structures to help you when there is a bump on the road. We will listen for what’s next so you can continue to be the dream weaver and creator that you are!

Make the most of today!


It’s Not Too Late to Live Your Dream!

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