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The 5 Steps to Find Fulfillment and Joy

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  • how to identify what is in the way of living THE life you are meant to live and your possible first steps to address it
  • a mindset SHIFT that will help you STOP doubting yourself so you can confidently move toward what you most want
  • the 5 SIMPLE STEPS to finding fulfillment and joy in your life, work, and relationships

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It is not too late to live your dream! 


About the presenter

Maria Yunis, certified co-active professional coach, specializes in empowering leaders and professionals who would say that they have full lives yet are unfulfilled, dissatisfied or frustrated and feel that they are meant for more and are asking themselves, “Is this it?” With deep insight and creativity, Maria guides them through a signature process customized to reclaim the spark of their passions and create the life and work of their dreams. As a trusted advisor and coach for 15 years, Maria has brought people back to a life of fulfillment, freedom, and joy and boldly holds that “It’s Not Too Late to Live Your Dream!” 

Maria draws from her life experiences, trainings in various areas of personal growth and over twenty years of corporate, high-tech, consulting, pharmaceutical, and academic experience. With a diverse cultural and spiritual background, and a rich journey of self-discovery and life experiences she brings a broad perspective, curiosity, and deep intuition to her coaching and consulting.

Maria recently moved to Framingham, Massachusetts to create a life and home with her life partner, Don, after raising her son who is a sophomore in college. She is a proud mother and is devoted to her family, community, and clients. 


It is not too late to live your dream!