Your Time Is Now

Yes! Your Time is NOW!!!!

Congratulations! You BELIEVE in yourself enough to want to ENGAGE with your dreams and IGNITE your future!

You are here because you received information from me at Celebration and are ready to step into the possibilities of creating the work and life of your dreams.

As Polka Dot sister, I am offering something I don’t offer to anyone else. I am offering you a totally free coaching call. Bring whatever topic or issue for which you would like to receive expert coaching. I will coach you for a full 45 minutes and we will spend an additional 10 minutes creating a meaningful summation of what we’ve covered. You will leave this call with the knowledge that you are supported, that you’ve been heard and with a fresh perspective that can give you the confidence to go out and catch that dream by its tail!

I strongly encourage you, if you are interested in having this free all-in coaching call, that you provide your information to me now so I can schedule you into the slots that are still open after Celebration. This offer will be available through midnight Tuesday.

Just fill in the form below and I will reach out to you book your coaching call.

It is NOT too late to live your dreams! Your time IS now!

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