Live Your Life in Full Color

Reignite the Spark of Joy, Creativity and Expression in All Aspects of Your Life

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YOU in Full Color: Live, Love, Work Program (9 months)


This program is designed for you if you are a busy, overwhelmed or burned-out professional and living your life in black and white and not in full color. You yearn to feel a spark in life and to improve the quality of your work experience, relationships, and downtime so you can experience fulfillment, joy, and meaning in your life. 

Through our work together, you will first get clear on your values, what you want, and a new vision for you. Through guided self-discovery and a customized exploration, you will start to see how you can create your best life at play, home, and work.

This 9-month program is for you if you are ready to:

  • gain clarity of what it would look and feel like to live your best life
  • see your vision become real, to have work that feeds your soul and improves your life
  • have relationships that support you and enrich your life
  • spend your time with what matters most to you in all aspects of your life
  • experience joy, fulfillment, creativity and purpose
  • engage and be supported into aligned and sustainable action
  • have immediate breakthroughs to feel free, energized and on purpose
  • develop structures and practices to keep you clear, accountable and in motion

Your Journey

Phase 1: Rediscover and Remember
We’ll start your journey by getting you clear on your core values, what is important to you and what you want most in your life. You’ll have a new/clarified vision that you will begin to connect with as well as remember the creator that you are and start to see what is possible.

Phase 2: Reveal and Release
We’ll then help you uncover the patterns, beliefs, and stories that are holding you back from creating what you want in life: your work, your relationships, and your downtime. As you work through this you will also have the support and tools to let go of these things that no longer serve you so you can claim what you most want.

Phase 3: Reclaim
As you embrace what is possible, things will start to shift through the process. You will start to see relationships improve, work situations or career possibilities become more fulfilling, and maybe even find yourself claiming a pastime that feeds your soul.

Phase 4: Cultivate, Sustain, and LIVE
Develop and learn your way of living your best life through commitment, mental fitness practices, and further exploration to maintain the work you have done in the earlier phases.


Included in this program:

1   75-minute Initial Kick Start Session

20   45-minute In Full Color Coaching Sessions by phone

1   60-minute Milestone Review Call

1   60-minute Celebration Call to be used toward the end of your program where we acknowledge your journey and celebrate where you are!


  • Preferred Scheduling and weekly email support between sessions
  • Accountability tools—weekly structures to help you stay on track
  • Free admission to Maria’s tele-classes and workshops

If you want to explore how you can create your best life, let’s set up a time to chat!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to wake up and reclaim your amazing full-color dreams!

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