Real Life Testimonials from Clients

Here are some first-person testimonials from people who have had the experience of working with Maria and who have achieved and are living their dreams.

Michael says – “I attended one of Maria’s workshops and I must admit that I have been to many sessions with comparable titles throughout my career. I went in expecting much of the same. Maria’s methods were unlike any I had experienced before. Afterward I felt energized, empowered, and motivated to follow my own unique path to attain my goals. I highly recommend Maria’s methodology to all my friends and colleagues. I hope that you will find out more about it and plan to attend one of Maria’s individual or group workshops. It was a truly refreshing experience.”

Brenda says – “I refer to Maria as the ‘Brenda Whisperer’. Her unique ability to ask the questions I didn’t even realize I needed to answer help me burst my bubbles of doubt, create a space for me to creatively address my challenges and make me feel propelled toward reaching my goals. I honestly don’t know how I could have achieved what I have without Maria’s intuitive insight and generous support. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with her will see exactly what I mean!”

Liza says – “Through my work with Maria I learned how to appropriately hold boundaries around my time and to take ownership for what was my part of a project and facilitate other team members taking on theirs.

As a coach, Maria will help you to improve as a professional and as a person. She is very insightful and can point out some of your behaviors – both small and large – that you may not even be aware of and that may not be serving you. The greatest thing about Maria is that she does this WHILE she remains your biggest fan and supporter. Both empathetic and objective, Maria will help you gain perspective on the dynamics and situations at play around you, while also helping you to develop personal strategies to grow and thrive in spite of them.”

Debra says – “Maria is an outstanding coach – and I don’t say that lightly. Before working with Maria, I struggled to stay grounded and focused on what was important to me as an individual, with my significant other and in my business. She has a way of honing in on what matters and calling forth my truth in a way that both allows me to relax and at the same time propels me forward. As a result I was able to balance my life more effectively, including making a firm commitment to self-care and to my relationship as well as making necessary changes to my consulting business. I am an Executive Coach and Organization Development Consultant, so I have had a lot of experience with people in the field. Maria is one of the best out there. There is a sort of magic to her approach – you just have to work with her to know exactly what I mean!”

Kevin says – “Maria’s unique approach to personal business coaching was an incredible experience that prepared me mentally to my own road towards finding success and personal satisfaction in the journey. So highly recommended!”

Ericka says – “Working with Maria is a delightful experience. A warm, engaging woman of great sensitivity, she brings abilities to the forefront in a supportive, calm manner.”

Suzanne says – “Maria provided valuable guidance as a personal and business coach. As a result I was better able to establish my priorities and align them with my core values. She is highly perceptive and saw things I needed to do that I would’ve never seen on my own. I have incorporated the tools she has given me into an everyday approach to living. One of the lasting legacies of her coaching is that I have learned to be in touch with my inner core, which has changed my life.”

Rafael says – “I have had the pleasure of working with Maria Yunis at Arthur D. Little Inc. and subsequently during the development of my own consulting practice. At Arthur D. Little, Maria was a member of the Enterprise Portal program on which I served as program manager. Maria had full responsibilities for all aspects of human interface design. Her keen understanding of purpose, design, and team development help deliver this successful international program. Maria consultation and advice as I established my own consulting practice were especially useful. Through our discussion, Maria helped me focus on the objective and definition of this effort. Her positive approach relieved anxiety, reinforced practicality, and helped envision the roadmap. It is a pleasure to recommend Maria as a positive and creative addition in any enterprise.”

Dawn says – “Maria is a brilliant Coach! She knows how to get to the heart of the matter quickly.”

Ken says – “Maria is a talented and passionate coach who doesn’t miss a beat. She’s the kind of strong presence you want in your corner. I’m confident in recommending her.”

Cindy says – “I met with Maria years ago when I was trying to get up the courage to leave my position of 14 years with a family company, who I thought of as family.  I had so many doubts about leaving a comfortable situation, my ability to earn a living independently, whether I was suited to having my own business, as well as questions about exactly what I wanted to do, how to approach it, and fundamentally, whether going out on my own was really something I wanted to do.

Maria helped me sort out these myriad questions, and approach them in a way I hadn’t before. She helped me get in touch with how I felt, how it felt it my body to think about each one of these aspects. This was key. It helped me to address some beliefs I was holding onto from childhood, and to realize they were false, or didn’t apply anymore.  Maria helped me find my belief in myself. 

It has been many years now since I began my journey, and although it has been a lot of work, I am thrilled to say it has been a joyful one, one that has led me to true independence and happiness. I have thought of Maria and the things she helped me learn many times. I am so grateful to her for the process she helped guide me through initially, her help and encouragement to find myself, and both emotional and financial security.  I have used the exercises and ideas she taught me; I see them as the foundation of my success.

I encourage anyone who has doubts, or is looking for guidance or direction, to reach out to Maria. She has gifts that can help you find your own answers, and receive the help you want, as well as a good dose of loving kindness along the way.”

Adam says – “Before working with Maria I was lacking the type of focus that I needed to work on my Vision. I struggled to prioritize my time within both my professional and personal life and the decisions around that time. I also struggled to delineate that time. My biggest challenge was understanding that I was the leader in my own life. My life felt defined by others. I was a victim of my schedule, and my time was not my own.

Since working with Maria, I now feel that I’m doing the leading.   I’ve created the job I want and done so on my terms. I’ve been able to excel in my work while making my family and my daughter the top priority.

What I want you to know about Maria is that she is both compassionate and honest in her work. She is able to hear without judging.

Maria can help those who are ready to take charge of their lives to create the life they want. Maria is a trusted and trustworthy partner who clearly cares about her work. You truly know she is invested in your success, however you may define that success.  Her ability to listen on so many levels is unique. She has an attention to detail and a sense that allows her to listen with her whole being. Not only is this exceptionally supportive, but she hears the underlying communication that one makes subconsciously.”

Joanne says – “When I met Maria I had recently gone through some major changes in my life. I got married for the first time a year earlier, I had moved after living in the same place for over 20 years, and I had recently been laid off my job. I knew I was facing the opportunity to turn my life around to reflect what mattered most to me.

Having done some of this work before, I was ready to grapple with some difficult issues. I was concerned about falling into the same traps of fear I always fall into. Maria is remarkable at intuiting my blocks and working with me before they overtake my thinking. Maria actually helped to change the way I think about myself. I trust myself more. I respect my own process. Maria moved my thinking from scared active to confident thoughtful.

She’s genuine. She’s honest. Her approach is intimate. She provides a safe place for her clients to be honest with themselves and thoughtful about their own lives. She is very attentive to what is being said and always responds with patience, gentleness, directness, and love. Her clients’ discoveries are her genuine concern. Maria doesn’t approach this work as her job – she approaches it as her true mission; her way to contribute to this world. She models what she teaches. It has been an honor to be her client.”

Holly says – “Had one coaching session with Maria and am already feeling clearer about my goals and how to get things moving, after feeling stuck. Maria helped me stretch beyond my comfort zone, making connections to further my dreams. Maria is an active listener and reflector, who brings a lot of heart, skills and integrity to her coaching.”